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Event projects

Twenty-Year Anniversary for BLG Handelslogistik GmbH

BLG Handelslogistik GmbH instructed us to organise the celebrations marking the twenty-year anniversary of the IKEA logistics centre in Erfurt. BLG Handelslogistik GmbH operates as the logistics partner for IKEA Germany.

To mark this positive occasion, approx. 200 members of staff and their families – about 600 guests in all – were invited to attend the summer festival on the company‘s premises on 18 June 2017.

During the festival we organised a colourful programme for the staff with spectacular games and special equipment related to the subject of "Transport, Mobility and Logistics". At the same time family members had an opportunity to find out about the details of logistics processes and how goods are consigned – from the manufacturing site to the sales point.

We were particularly instructed to fulfil the following tasks:

  • designing, planning and managing the event,
  • providing the necessary infrastructure – catering facilities, the marquee, an adventure park, toilets, electricity and water supplies,
  • booking and coordinating the entertainment programme.

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Ten-Year Anniversary for BLG Logistics Solutions GmbH Erfurt

Ten-Year Anniversary for BLG Logistics Solutions GmbH Erfurt
Photos: Dirk Waechter