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Event projects

'Waldstadt Open Air' Wünsdorf

In 2005 Nowy Getränke GmbH in Wünsdorf, a renowned concert promoter in Brandenburg, commissioned us with the production of the 'Waldstadt Open Air' in August this year.

A two-day festival was to be held in a beautiful park in Wünsdorf-Waldstadt near Berlin, with the first day devoted to German 'Schlager' and the second to an international rock or pop star.

In particular, we were entrusted with the following tasks:

  • The overall planning of the event
  • Booking the artists and arranging the programme
  • The technical organisation of the festival
  • Stage construction, sound and lighting equipment, event organisation, technical management
  • Marketing, media relations, consultation with sponsors

On the German 'Schlager' Night on 26th August 2005, Juliane Werding and Matthias Reim performed, and on 27th August 2005 there were concerts by Roger Chapman and Joe Cocker..

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Waldstadt Open Air Wünsdorf

Waldstadt Open Air Wünsdorf
Photos: Dirk Waechter